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Our Company,

Patisserie Monaco has been one of the top leaders of 

Bakery and Dessert producers in GTA for over a decade. 

At our 12 000 sqft facility located in Woodbridge, Ontario

we Bake and Deliver daily, 363 days of the year all through 

out GTA and surrounding areas. With over 300 products in stock daily, we could accommodate all your Dessert and Bakery needs and proudly be your One Stop Shop! 


           Our Valued Clients

“We appreciate the size variances, multiple flavors and competitive priced desserts that Patisserie Monaco produces.  It makes it easier for us to plate them in an individual portion or make a dessert trio for our restaurant customers”


“As a Chef what I appreciate the most about Patisserie Monaco and their Staff particularly the Sales Team is they are straight forward with me, they will do whatever they can to get the product to me even if it is last minute emergency request.  It is easy for me to work with them as they always look out for me”

“Patisserie Monaco is the best supplier we have as they are always willing to work with us in making dessert that meets the needs of our airline customers”

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